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The Technology Of Explosion - Proof Electric Appliance Industry In Our Country Is Becoming More And More Mature
Jun 15, 2018

Slower explosion-proof electric appliance industry development in our country, the current research and new product development, mainly rely on enterprises, and many enterprises lack of professional and technical personnel, mostly repeatedly development some tweaking of small leather products. Only a few enterprises with product development ability, the development of product technology content is not high also, mostly rely on reference and reference, make empirical design, and the enterprise is in the case of basic don't coordinate each other self-developed products, focus on the advantages of industry forces. Except a few explosion-proof electrical products in China can reach the level of foreign countries in the 1990s, most of them can only reach the level of foreign countries in the 1970s and 1980s.

Economic development and economic benefits have also been achieved in recent years. With the development of coal industry, mining explosion-proof electrical appliances have entered a period of steady and rapid development. The production pattern of explosion-proof electric appliance industry for factory was basically formed. In leqing city of zhejiang province, where the industrial production enterprises are concentrated, the development of some enterprises has been restricted due to the lack of land and production sites.

Due to the progress and development of science and technology, power electronics application in underground development speed quickly, the ac variable frequency speed regulating device with high efficiency, low failure rate, control performance is good wait for an advantage, can significantly improve production technology, more and more get the attention of the industry production in coal mine, the mine frequency control devices in the past is mainly used for coal mining around 100 kw electrical traction components such as speed, general level before have dedicated transformer for power supply, little influence on the grid.

As inverter technology matures, electric traction shearer in the 1980 s successful application, coal mine production equipment such as ventilator, hoist, hoist, air compressor and other mechanical equipment are beginning to adopt frequency control of motor speed technology, not only change the traditional production technology, mainly embodies in high efficiency and energy saving. Such as mine main fan selection in accordance with the requirements of mine production and service life of the maximum air volume from to production until the discarded mine well built, each period need air volume is different, the difference is very big, adopts the mechanical method to adjust air caused a lot of energy waste, main blower fan in coal mine by adopting frequency converter technology and energy saving considerable; For example, the local ventilator in the excavation face is installed in many places and runs for a long time.

In a long time due to coal mining extends continuously, the required air volume is far less than the ventilator for wind power, according to current situation of this kind of big horse car, using frequency conversion technology energy saving effect is obvious, because the frequency converter with high efficiency, good speed regulation performance, can carry out electric braking and stepless speed regulation managing electric energy, the coal mine more widespread adoption of frequency conversion technology is the inevitable trend. But at present, no matter product development and testing technology can keep up with the needs of production development.

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