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The Explosion-proof Motor Industry Is Aimed At The International Market
Jun 15, 2018

Driven by the rapid development of the national energy industry, the explosion-proof motor industry has gained rare development opportunities in recent years and achieved good business performance last year. Explosion-proof motor industry will be to enhance the level of explosion-proof motor technical quality as the key point, further standardize the industry market order, efforts to expand the international market, promote the sustainable development of the industry, in the "prudent" two characters.

In view of the current new situation and new tasks in China's explosion-proof motor industry, such as overcapacity, quality to be improved and market to be standardized, the following working ideas are proposed:

Cooperate with relevant government departments to strengthen the quality management of industrial products while implementing the production license system of explosion-proof motors. Carry out quality survey on the quality safety of explosion-proof products related to the production conditions of enterprises, and implement industry management on the quality of explosion-proof motor parts, so as to ensure the quality of products at the source. Through the industry level price revision work further standardize the market order, prevent a handful of firms at the expense of the quality, to provoke a price war, industry market order, damage the interests of the broad masses of users.

In view of the current our country explosion-proof motor industry overcapacity, the actual situation of the domestic market supply, explosion-proof motor branch will be in this year, on the basis of widely collecting market information, organize a group of conditional enterprises to actively explore the international market.

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