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Motor Energy Consumption Grade And Energy Efficiency Standards
Jun 15, 2018

Electric motor is a kind of power driven equipment of all kinds of equipment. It is often used in many industries and fields such as chemical plant, coal mine, metallurgy and public facilities. In order to respond to the 12th five-year plan of China, and consider the economic benefits of enterprises, to save electricity and reduce costs, it is very important to select an efficient energy-saving motor.

But we're buying motors and we don't know how their efficiency is divided. It's hard for us to determine the energy efficiency of the motor, but we'll see how the energy efficiency of the explosion-proof motor is divided in the following sections.

The classification standards of motor energy efficiency standards are different at different times according to the national standards, and they are also different according to the national standards. In our country alone, the classification of motor energy efficiency will change over time. In 2006, China issued the gb_18613-2006_ motor energy efficiency limits and energy efficiency rating assessment standards.

Now take energy-saving YBX3, explosion-proof electric motor in GB_18613-2006 _ motor efficiency limit is the primary energy efficiency and energy efficiency standards, but by the _ GB_18613-2012 motor efficiency limit is the secondary energy efficiency and level of energy efficiency standards. And YB2 series with the motor in GB_18613-2006 _ motor limited value of energy efficiency and energy efficiency rating standard is the secondary energy efficiency class motor, but according to the 2012 division standard of energy consumption of motor, belonging to level 3 energy explosion-proof motor, belong to the energy intensive motor. Of course, with the development of science and technology, the energy efficiency standards for explosion-proof motors may change with the improvement of energy efficiency requirements. Therefore, the energy efficiency levels of the judgment methods will be different at different times.

Now we take the latest energy efficiency standard of our country as an example. At present, according to the gb_18613-2012_ motor energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency grade classification standard, the energy efficiency grade of explosion-proof motor is divided into three grades. Among them, the primary energy efficiency is the most energy-saving, and the secondary energy efficiency explosion-proof motor is also the energy efficiency explosion-proof motor. More of course in the secondary and secondary explosion-proof motor (temporary level domestic haven't product energy efficiency three-phase asynchronous explosion-proof motor, YBX3 is the best choice) is now the state encourages the use of, some places will offer certain subsidy policy. Companies also save a lot of money each year on energy efficiency.

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