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Development Trend Of High Efficiency And Energy Saving Motor In Explosion-proof Motor
Jun 15, 2018

As countries increase energy saving, consumption reduction, sewage, waste, eliminate backward production capacity of the implementation of the comprehensive regulation and relevant policy, energy conservation and emissions reduction has become a key project in our country, so the industry's high efficiency and energy saving and emission reduction measures are introduced and put into use.

For explosion - proof motor industry, high - efficiency and energy - saving motor is also in demand. As explosion-proof motor energy saving products, each enterprise will vigorously production and sales, so the masses of users to actively respond to a nation called on to purchase energy-efficient explosion-proof motor, high efficiency and energy saving is YBX3 type explosion-proof motor, belongs to secondary energy efficiency motors.

At present, China's motor industry has formed a relatively complete industrial system, motor in the variety, specifications, performance and output of the basic market demand. There are about 300 series and 1500 kinds of middle and small sized electric machines in China. The principle of mutual benefit, complementary advantages and joint development should be adopted to encourage the transfer of knowledge, capital, technology and production equipment to the west. Existing enterprises strengthen technical improvement according to market demand, focus on solving production bottleneck or equipment update, improve production efficiency and product quality.

In the field of explosion-proof electric machines, efficient and energy-saving electric motors should standardize market behaviors, implement fair competition and prevent low price dumping. The government should strengthen the management of product quality and price, to strengthen the construction of industry integrity, for inferior product manufacturers aggravating punishment, prevent fake explosion-proof electrical products continue to circulate in the market.

High-efficiency and energy-saving motors can better serve enterprises and promote the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of the cable industry.

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