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China's Explosion-proof Motor Has Become A Hot Spot Of Investment
Jun 15, 2018

Explosion-proof motor industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years, the product output continued to expand, the national industrial policy to encourage the explosion-proof motor industry to develop in the direction of high technology products, domestic enterprises new investment projects investment increase gradually. Investors are paying more and more attention to the explosion-proof motor industry.

After years of development, China's explosion-proof electric appliance industry has become one of the world's advanced explosion-proof electric appliances in terms of its overall scale, product technology level, product varieties and product output. Its products can not only meet the needs of the rapid development of China's national economy, but also have entered the international market in batches.

Because the explosion-proof electrical appliances production enterprise in our country pay more and more attention to product quality, strictly the quality pass, explosion-proof electrical level continuously improve product quality, effectively promote the security situation in coal mine, petroleum and chemical industry rapidly improving. The main result is that the number of mass fatalities and injuries has been greatly reduced and the security situation has continued to improve.

Explosion-proof motor is a kind of motor which can be used in inflammable and explosive places. Explosion-proof motors are mainly used in coal mine, petroleum gas, petrochemical industry and chemical industry. In addition, it is widely used in textile, metallurgy, urban gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, papermaking, medicine and other departments. As the main power equipment, explosion-proof motors are usually used to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other drive machines.

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