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China's Explosion-proof Electric Appliance Industry Takes Measures To Meet The Challenge
Jun 15, 2018

Throughout the development of explosion-proof electric appliance industry in China, the development prospect is bright despite the shortcomings and challenges. According to experts, given the current macro background, the process of economic recovery of explosion-proof electric appliance industry may be long, so it is urgent to accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading.

At present, the key is to focus on the development of technology, quality improvement, and the establishment of a broad goal of sustainable development.

In this context, explosion-proof electric appliance manufacturers should take active measures to deal with difficulties and challenges. On the one hand, the management level should be improved to cope with the increasing cost pressure; on the other hand, the pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading should be accelerated by increasing the innovation input.

First, adjust the product structure. Further improve and improve the technical content of current products, especially in terms of structure, so that its performance is safe and reliable, appearance is beautiful and practical. At the same time, a large number of new technologies are adopted to develop new products, improve the electrical performance of products, and strengthen the systematic engineering construction.

Second, strengthen the development of new products, so that its technical content to a new level. Technological innovation is an important indicator to measure whether an enterprise is advanced, competitive and constantly ahead of its competitors. With the rapid development of China's mining electric appliance market, the application and research and development of core production technology related to it will become the focus of enterprises. It is necessary to understand the development trend, technological equipment, technical application and trend of core technologies of mining electrical appliances production at home and abroad in a timely manner, so as to further improve the market competitiveness. At present, soft starting is emerging quietly in the field of motor starting, but it is seldom used in the field of explosion-proof electric appliances. It is necessary to promote the application and development of soft start in the explosion-proof electric appliance industry through continuous efforts.

Third, improve the economic benefits of enterprises. Although the power supply quality of petrochemical enterprises is better than that of coal mines, for many electric loads, the reduction of reactive power loss as far as possible has aroused high attention in all aspects of electricity utilization. In recent years, it has been found that terminal compensation is better than centralized compensation. So, taking the technique of the compensation for the motor and perceptual load terminal, and factory use explosion-proof electric apparatus can keep up with the pace of development in this aspect, in order to get more economic benefit and social benefit.

Fourth, further upgrade the product level. Current sensor technology develops very fast, explosion-proof electric appliance industry to make full use of the sensor, realize the temperature, pressure, flow rate, gas, photoelectric signal using, make the control field of explosion-proof electric apparatus is widening.

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