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Analysis On Development Trend Of Explosion-proof Motor Products
Jun 15, 2018

1. Mine explosion-proof motor

(1) development of high-power motors: at present, the maximum installed capacity of coal mining machines in the world has exceeded 1,200 kw, and its driving motor power reaches 600kW; The maximum installed capacity of the scraper conveyor on the working face of the corresponding mining area has exceeded 1500kW, and its driving motor power has reached 725kW. At present, the maximum power of driving motor of domestic coal mining machine is 400kW, and the maximum power of driving motor of scraper conveyor is 315kW.

(2) development 3. 3 kv and 6 kv voltage level and IOkV mine motors: this is because the popularity after the comprehensive mechanized coal mining area to lengthen, which resulted in increased voltage drop, at the same time, the use of high-power motor for higher voltage class.

(3) development of dual-speed mining motor: in order to meet the needs of low-speed starting and high-speed operation of coal mine conveyors, foreign mining scraper conveyors are driven by double-speed motors. However, at present, the power range, performance index and performance of the domestic dual-speed mining motor as well as the supporting control switch are all somewhat different from the foreign advanced level.

(4) improve the reliability of mine motors: poor working conditions of the mine explosion-proof motor, motor frequent heavy load starting, load change is big, large voltage fluctuation, high temperature and has certain corrosion resistance, etc., all of these affect the use of the machine reliability and life expectancy.

(5) speed up the upgrading of mine explosion-proof motors.

(6) unified standards for mine explosion-proof motors.

2. Explosion - proof motor for petrochemical system

(1) the demand for safety - increasing and spark - free motors will increase. Users of petrochemical systems in use practices; It has been recognized that it is necessary to develop China's safety - increasing and spark - free motors. In addition, a large number of arc motors in the 1970s have been replaced by suitable domestic products.

(2) the reliability of explosion-proof motors has been paid more and more attention by users of petrochemical system. The development of petrochemical enterprises is becoming larger and more continuous, requiring system operation to realize long cycle, no maintenance or less maintenance. Therefore, explosion-proof motor is the key equipment to ensure the above requirements.

(3) the explosion-proof and high-efficiency variable frequency speed-regulating motor has become an energy-saving product urgently required by petrochemical users. In recent years, we have produced YBx and YAX explosion-proof high-efficiency motors, which are very popular after being put into the market. Explosion-proof motor energy conservation work has two aspects: one is to develop efficient explosion-proof electrical products, 2 it is to develop a huge variety of explosion-proof motor speed control special products, especially the fan and pump will have great potential for energy saving and compressor motor is designed for speed regulating motor.

(4) new requirements brought about by the development of coastal petrochemical enterprises. A number of oil refineries will be built along the coast of China, and crude oil will be imported. The imported crude oil has high sulfur content and serious corrosion, so the anti-explosion motor is required to improve the anti-corrosion performance. In addition, the imported crude oil needs to be shipped by sea, and its storage tank needs to be equipped with the explosion proof motor of high head high flow oil pump.

(5) the great development of China's western petroleum industry requires the development of explosion-proof motor products suitable for dry and hot desert environment. The market demand for medium - and large-capacity brushless excitation synchronous motors with high - capacity for hydrogenation equipment will increase year by year.

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